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    Not my blog type but I honestly don’t care. This is beautiful.

    I want to cry, but the tears won’t flow. I guess my eyes are finally tired of crying but this touched my heart.

    Omg ….

    crying this is possibly the most precious thing ive ever read

    This is by far the most beautiful thing…

    this is beautiful ^^^^^

    This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read, omfg.

    jesus christ and all of angels this 

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  2. Can someone tell me who this is???

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  3. Even the dragon couldn’t resist.

    Note: GD was caught singing a part of the song and he got quiet and pretended that it didn’t happen.

    Doesn’t anyone else think that they could be such a power couple???

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  4. anybody please tell me which c clown member is thjis.. pleaasseeeeee…………………

    This is ray…

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  6. perfectluhan:

    Exo managers hitting fans.  

    This is ridiculous, honestly, because two of these incidents were completely harmless and the fans were doing nothing wrong. (I say two because in that middle one, it seemed like that fan was the only one still following them, while everyone else stayed back and manager’s actions are somewhat justifiable considering what she was doing) I understand these mangers must undergo a lot of pressure. Pressure from the company to get the idols where they need to go, and keeping everything on schedule. And along with that, they have to deal with fans who are screaming and pushing their idols when they’re just trying to walk in an airport. It’s normal to be annoyed and pissed because idols have gotten hurt, stalked, and had their privacy invaded by insane fans. Although the managers aren’t necessarily there to be bodyguards to the idols, they are there to keep them safe; to protect them. And if we look at the antonyms of protect: “expose, neglect, attack, harm,” look at that. They shouldn’t be harming. Especially hitting and with that much force, too. Bottom line is: this is not acceptable. Managers might have to deal with a lot, but they need to be the ones who maintain control and composure when dealing with these situations. How completely rude, immature, and unprofessional of them to go slapping someone away. There are other ways to deal with these situations with fans, and you’d think they would. It’s kind of their job. But I guess not. I’m really disappointed, I feel bad for Exo, or any other idol group for that matter, who probably feel guilty because of this treatment towards their fans whom they appreciate so much, and hate seeing get hurt.

    I thought S.M might be harsh sometimes, but I didn’t think it was this bad….

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  7. That awkward moment when you figure out that the guy you’re fangirling over has a twin…. Bang Yong Guk… who would have known?

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    Yongguk shirtless, your welcome ;)

    Anybody else curious as to what that tattoo says?

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    Wow! *_*

    This is beauty